Discontinued Nov2017
19352-73 White with Green Stripes

19354-73 White with Light Blue Stripes

19418-73 White with Dark Blue Stripes

19414-73 White with Pink Stripes

19291-73 Dark Blue Oxford

19943-65 Blue Thick Twill

 k9309-65  Blue Heavy Oxford

20034-65 Light Blue Herringbone

20078-65 White and Blue Stripes

19373-73 Blue with White Stripes

20090-65 White & Blue Stripes

19422-73 White and Pink Stripes

k8007-65 Pink French Oxford

k9313-65 Pink Heavy Oxford

19949-65 Pink Thick Twill

19430-73 Pink Herringbone with Checks

k8006-65 Purple French Oxford

20030-65 Purple Herringbone

19292-73 Dark Purple French Oxford

21067-65 Purple with White Stripes

21077-65 White with Red Stripes

19432-73 Yellow Herringbone with Checks

19436-73 Grey Herringbone with Checks

19270-73 Black and White French Oxford

20025-65 Black Herringbone

20101-65 White with Dark Blue and Red Checks

20067-65 White with Blue and Purple Stripes

7907-65 White Small Checks(similar to6833-60)

7951-65 White Twill

19350-73 White & Pink Stripes

19356-73 White with Blue Stripes

19417-73 White with Dark Blue Checks

19413-73 White with Pink Checks

19290-73 Light Blue Oxford

k9329-65 Blue Royal Oxford

20060-65 Blue Herringbone

21075-65 White with Dark Blue Stripes

20095-65 Blue with White Stripes

19340-73 White with Light Blue and Dark Blue Stripes

19434-73 Blue Herringbone with Checks

19339-73 White with Pink and Blue Stripes

20092-65 Pink White Stripes

k9331-65 Pink Royal Oxford

20033-65 Pink Herringbone

19421-73 White and Pink Checks

19431-73 Pink Herringbone with Stripes

19947-64 Purple Thick Twill

20055-65 Light Purple Herringbone

19338-73 White with Blue and Purple Shirts

20091-65 White and Purple Stripes

19433-73 Yellow Herringbone with Stripes

19437-73 Grey Herringbone with Stripes

19349-73 Black and White Checks

20068-65 White with Blue and Brown Stripes

20102-65 White with Dark Blue and Green Checks

k9312-65 Green Heavy Oxford

7939-65 White Royal Oxford(similar to 9329-65 )

7952-65 Plain White
19435-73 Blue Herringbone with Stripes

19348-73 White and Blue Checks