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Leggiuno Cotton, € 200/-

This bunch is the sample of what we have from Leggiuno. 
Mostly checked and striped on white with plain colors, for 200 euros  – made from 100% high quality cotton.

Depending on your screen resolution the fabrics may appear bigger or smaller. We have put a centimeter scale please zoom that to the actual centimeter size then you will be able to see the actual size of the pattern on the fabrics

Due to different types of monitors and your preferences, the colors may appear a bit different on the screen than the actual colors of the fabric.

 A800 white with purple stripes A801 white with pink stripes 
 A802 white with blue stripes  A804 light blue with white stripes
 A805 blue with white stripes  A806 white with grey stripes
 A809 white with thick purple stripes  A810 white with thick pink stripes
 A868 tiny red checks  on white A815 white with thick brown stripes
 A818 light blue stripes on white  A823 white with narrow pink stripes
 A825 white with narrow light blue stripes  A827 blue with narrow white stripes

A841 pink plaid  A842 light blue plaid

 A843 blue plaid  A844 blue with white checks

A857 subtle purple checks on white  A851 blue with white checks
A880 subtle green checks on white A889 grey
 A897 pink  A890 greyish beige
A898 wine red

A800-420 White, light purple, dark purple A801-420 White, light pink, grey A802-420 White, light blue, blue A804-420 Light blue, white, blue
Italian quality bespoke shirt online
Shirt made as you like by mens tailor
Blue stripe shirt made in extra large sizes
A809-420 White, light purple, dark purple A810-420 White, light purple, dark purple A811-420 White, light blue, blue A818-420 White, light blue, blue
Purple striped shirt for your wedding
Wear a light colored subtle striped shirt at work
Customize your own dress made tt measure shirt
A861-420 Blue, white A889-420 Grey
A841-420 Light pink, grey A842-420 Light blue, blue
discreet but elegant shirts in different color and patterns
We offer short sleeved shirts with different patterns for summer
A843-420 White, blue A844-420  Light blue, white A847-420 White, beige
Excellent quality bespoke shirt made of italian fabrics
Leggiuno shirt fabrics for made to measure suits
Beige classic checkered patterned dress shirt for you
A859-420 White, light blue A868-420 White, red A876-420 White, light blue A881-420 Black, white
Women blouse with tiny red checks made of premium quality italian fabric
Luxurious fabrics for custom bespoke dress shirt in Hungary, Budapest
A882-420 Orange, white A884-420 Dark red, white A885-420 Green, white A815-420 Brown, white
Wear flashy color and patterned shirt at your free time
Green and white striped shirt made to measure online
Wear this brown striped shirt with your beige suit
A898-420 Wine red A826-420 Light blue, white

Elegant wine red shirt for cocktail party