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When to wear which colored suit

Just a quick tip to help you decide which colored suit to wear and when.

Dark colors
Wear you dark navy blue suit with a solid white or light blue shirt and simple tie for a job 
interview. Your outfit will indicate that you are a ordered, reliable person, but won’t distract 
attention from you.
Dark colors are also good for weddings and funerals.

Patterned suits
Patterned suits can show your personality, you can wear them at an office, our on the 
weekend. But be careful when choosing the tie and pocket square, go for simple ones, if 
you’re not sure which patterns match to your suit’s pattern.

Light colors
Light colored suits are popular at summer time and tropical places.
Altought light and bright colors are better for summer suits, they might not be a proper office 
You can also wear them on non-work-related events and weddings too.

Always wear leather belt and shoes with your suit.