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When should you wear a suit? III

Your the kind of man, who doesn’t have to wear a suit everyday. But a we wrote in our previous articles, every men should have at least one suit, and there are occasions to wear them.
Not sure what kind of occasions should you suit up? We can help you out, with our list.

To Important Business Presentations
It's important to make a good impression while giving a business presentation. For this reason, you should always wear suits while giving a presentation, no matter how big or small.
Choose a simple, stylish cut jacket. Stick with a traditional, conservative pair of dress pantsin blue, black, gray, or pinstripes. Pants should be fitted but should not be too tight.
Stick with shirts in light colors or shirts with pinstripes. You should generally avoid patterned shirts while making business presentations.
If you are unsure, about wearing a tie or not, you should wear it. You can always remove the tie if it seems too formal.

To an Upscale Restaurant
Many steakhouses and upscale restaurants maintain strict dress codes. In order to gain entrance into such establishments, men must wear at least a dress jacket.
You are free to wear cutting-edge, fashion-forward jackets in restaurants. Pants has to be complementary to or matched with your jacket. Pants in a dark color are preferable for restaurant outings as they can camouflage spills.
Dark-colored shirts can be useful if you are prone to spills but patterned shirts are aldo a good choice.
Some restaurants explicitly require that men wear ties. If a restaurant has no particular regulation regarding ties, you can leave i tat home. Pocket squares are optinal.

For Media Appearances
It is essential that a man wear a suit when making an appearance in front of the media. It doesn't matter if the man will appear on television or only in print media.
Stick with a jacket in a solid, basic color. Pinstripe jackets are also acceptable. Avoid bold patterns and prints.
You can choose either khakis or dark pants. Avoid pants in bold colors as they will not photograph or film well.
Choose a simple, light-colored shirt. Avoid shirts with detailed stitching or patterns.
You can choose to wear or not to wear a tie. It depends on the nature of the appearance. If you are unsure, you should wear a tie.