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When should you wear a suit? II

Your the kind of man, who doesn’t have to wear a suit everyday. But a we wrote in our previous articles, every men should have at least one suit, and there are occasions to wear them.
Not sure what kind of occasions should you suit up? We can help you out, with our list.

On a wedding
Some modern couples invite guests to wear dressy but casual attire to their weddings. However, a man should wear a suit to a wedding unless the invitation expressly states that another type of dress is appropriate.
Avoid black! Black is generally reserved for the groom and his attendants.
A man can show off his sense of style at a wedding by coordinating a cutting-edge modern jacket with his dress slacks. Men who prefer a more traditional look can wear a matched jacket. 
Choose pants in khaki or a dark color but remember to avoid black.
It is generally advisable to wear a light-colored shirt to a wedding. Some men may wish to wear shirts with pinstripes or patterns. Avoid big chunky stripes.
For evening weddings and weddings in churches, men should wear ties. But for outdoor weddings in the afternoon you don’t have to wear a tie.

On a date
Wearing a suit on a date presents a great opportunity for a man to show off his sense of style. 
This is the perfect time to wear a fashion-forward suit that isn't appropriate for the office.
A you should choose pants that are fitted or tailored. Dress pants with stylized stitching or embroidery are a great choice for a first date.
If you have picked a daring pair of pants, you should stick with a simple jacket in a coordinated color. Alternatively, men may wish to wear a simple pair of pants with a standout jacket in a bold pattern or luxurious fabric such as velvet.
A simple shirt is the best choice for a first date. Both light- and dark-colored shirts are perfectly acceptable.
A classy pair of dress shoes is advised for a first date. You can accessorize with a belt and pocket square. Ties are too formal. Leave them at home.

To Religious Ceremonies
Men should always wear suits to religious ceremonies. The only exception to this rule is for those ceremonies that require special religious or ethnic dress. It is best to stick with a conservative suit while attending a religious ceremony.
Choose jackets that are free of adornments. The jacket should match the dress pants. Choose pants that are tailored but not too tight. A religious ceremony is the perfect venue for a pair of classic style dress pants.
A simple shirt in a solid color is always appropriate for a religious ceremony. Try to avoid wearing a black shirt.
Depending on the ceremony, you should wear a tie.