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When should you wear a suit? I.

Your the kind of man, who doesn’t have to wear a suit everyday. But a we wrote in our previous articles, every men should have at least one suit, and there are occasions to wear them.
Not sure what kind of occasions should you suit up? We can help you out, with our list.

Job interview
You should always wear a suit job interview. Even if the you know that the company you want to work for has adopted a casual dress policy. Wearing suits to job interviews communicate to a potential employer that you are professional and are serious about the job. 
You also communicate to the employer that you can project a business-friendly image.
Keep it simple, a black, dark gray or dark blue suit with or without pinstripes is perfect.
The jacket should be single breasted with 2 or 3 buttons. You should keep your jacket buttoned until you’re invited to sit down by the interviewer.
The trousers should be fitted, but not too tight and made from the same fabric as the jacket.
You shirt should be white or light colored, subtle pattern is accetable but avoid bold patterns.
For accesories wear a tie, if your shirt is plain, you can choose a subtle patterned tie. Leather shoes and belt should be worn with the suit.

Work related professional events
For daytime events you can wear khakis and other light colors, they are acceptable. For evening events, choose fitted suit pants in a dark color.
You can wear your suit jacket both daytime and evening events. Be sure that the jacket and pants are made from the exact same fabric, and the same color.
A well-pressed, button-up shirt of any color is acceptable for daytime wear, be sure it matches with your jacket and trousers. For evening wear, stick with shirts in light colors.

Legal Proceedings
Many men prefer to wear double-breasted suits to court. Double breasted-suits are more conservative than the single breasted ones. But of course you can wear single-breasted suits too. Wear conservative pants. The suit should be a dark brown, black, blue, grey, or pinstriped for court engagements. Choose a solid colored shirt.
Wear leather belt and shoes, you can also wear a vest matching to your suit. Always wear a tie. Pocket squares are optional.