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Wardrobe essentials for men III.

Most men never realise how important is to have accessories. 
Wearing accessories can make the same outfit look different.

 Buy belts that match you dress shoes. That way you can wear them with all of your suits. The 
dress shoes – matching belt combination fits every pants.
 Get one for your sneakers too.

Tie and pocket square
 The tie is the 3rd most important essential thing (after suit and dress shoes) for a men’s 
wardrobe. If you don’t wear them every day, you should have a simple one in solid color. But 
if you’re wearing a suit every day, you should have 2-3. One in solid color, one with solid 
pattern, and one with noticable (but still simple) patterns.
 Nowadays the pocket square must match with the tie law is out of fashion. Buy one with a 
solid color that match with the color of the pattern on your tie, and have some with patterns, 
that matches with your simple tie’s color.

 You should have a leather bag, that matches in color with your dress shoes. It depends on 
your work if you get the notebook bag or the simple briefcase.
For free time you should have a sporty bag and for a weekend trip a stylish barrel or duffel 
bag is all that you need.

 As a businessmen a quality wristwatch is a must have. Choose a classic and stylish watch 
with leather strap.