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Wardrobe essentials for men I.

If you have the right pieces, you will have a timeless and interchangeable wardrobe.
When you have the key pieces, you can add items of the actual fashion trend.

  1. Jeans – dark colored, straight or slightly slimmed legs, but not slim fit
  2. Suit pants – dark colored, elegant
  3. Chinos – for summer

  1. Some men can wear it when his working. For a casual but stylish look you can wear it with 
a shirt and sport jacket. When you’re not working you can wear it with a shirt is t-shirt.
The best choice is a dark colored jeans without any better. Simple is best.
  2. The suit pants are elegant, good for office and events, with a dress shirt.
  3. Chinos are mostly made in beige and earth tones. On hot days it’s more comfortable then 
the suit pants. Be sure you can wear it when you’re working and you’re not out of place.
Good choice for summer holiday or weekends.

  • White - for office, events, job interview, weekends
  • Blue - for office, events, job interview, weekends
  • Patterns, colors – subtle patterns and colors for office, flashy patterns and colors for free time

Every men should have at least one suit in his wardrobe. A single breasted with two buttons 
ans notch lapel is a timeless piece. Go for dark hues like black, charcoal or navy blue. You 
can wear it on a wedding, funeral or other events.
You can also wear your suit jacket occasionally with you jeans.
If you wear a suit most of the time you should have the following ones:
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Subtle patterned – combining two or more patterns (suit + shirt +tie) can easily ruin your look if you don’t really into fashion, especially if you have a suit with striking pattern. The subtle patterned suit can help you avoid this problem.