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Tips for the tall gentleman

gary cooper csíkos öltönyben
First of all, the most important thing is proportion, and the second is personal style. We don’t want anyone follow these guidelines as dogma, because that’s when real disasters happen. But there are a few things worth consider.

Tall man have a lot of vertical lines – it fits them well if the jacket is well-detailed with plenty of horizontal ones, like a ticket pocket, pocket flaps, or cuffs on the trousers. Contrary to popular belief, they CAN wear striped suits, but they have to choose well. It is advised to have boldly spaced stripes, and to have at least the width of a chalk stripe, and as a general rule anything with small patterns should be avoided. 
They can wear both double-breasted and single-breasted suits. They are mostly the only ones who can wear a 4-button single breasted suit, but only if they are slim.

The key is to keep the scale in mind: do everything just a little bit larger, thicker, wider.