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The striped suit

barack obama csíkos öltönyben
The "patriarch of all dress suits", the striped is rightfully the owner of this title. If not a plain black or charcoal, a man with a limited number of suits, but a good taste in pattern goes for this one. What it lacks in the smaller pool of pattern one can choose from to match it with, the striped makes up for it in optically elongating the figure. 

The term "striped" can cover a vast number of different patterns. It can be single, double, even triple, pin-, hair-, pencil- or chalk striped, with plain or fancy background, narrow or wide spaces in between. This has to be tuned to the wearer's frame - for example, short and thin man should avoid bold spacing, but taller man can safely go for it.

Picture: President Obama's choice: dark background, grey-white stripes. Combined with the silver tie, it makes a shiny, vibrating effect from a distance.