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The jacket vents

öltöny zakó oldalt hasított
A lot of man are giving us blank stares when asked the question: "What kind of vents would you like on your jacket, sir?" However, this problem can be decided very easily after a short explanation. 

The reason there are vents on the suits can be linked to the times when men traveled on horseback. To sit comfortably in the saddle, tailors of the time had to cut the coat on the back - this one style still remains called single vent. After horses went out of fashion as vehicles they did not need the vents, so two more style appeared: the ventless jacket and the one cut up on the side.
Most of the time, we recommend side vents. Ventless jackets can be uncomfortable when sitting or reaching into one's trouser pockets, and single vents tend to expose a man's buttocks, which is neither pretty nor gentleman-like.

Picture: A side vent covers the derriere when a man reaches to the pocket.