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The blazer

The blazer is similar to a sport coat, buti t is usually made of solid (dark) color or striped fabrics.
It is not a part of a suit, it does not have matching trousers.
Stylistically, blazers often are uniform garments, e.g. for airline, school, and yachting and rowing clubs.
Blazers are suitable for occasions where a suit is too formal and a sport coat is too casual.
If you want to achieve a classic look, wear it with gray flannel slacks, a white button-down oxford shirt and a striped tie. For a more casual outfit, pair it with chinos and a polo shirt with a stylish and colorful pocket square.
men wearing navy blue blazer

Typical features of a blazer:
  • Made of solid dark color clotch
  • Patterns are usually in the weave or texture, except contrast color stripes
  • Commonly styled with flap pockets
  • The buttons are made of metal in gold or silver color
  • The buttons often have naval or sports related designs