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Suits for body types

Tall man
- Avoid big shoulder pads and wear a bolder tie, it won’t make you look more higher than you are.
- A black suit make you look thinner, combine it with colors to offset the slim look.
- It’s advised to show a little of your shirt’s cuffs. The visible cuffs makes your arms look longer.
-Wear accessories, it will help you not to look more taller then you are. Wear a horizontally stiped tie, a pocket square and a belt.

Tall man in suit

Thin gentlemen, particularly those who are somewhat taller, can benefit greatly from double-breasted suits, as they will give a fuller appearance to the figure; on larger men, double-breasted suits can have a tendency to draw attention to the midsection

Large man
- If you have a bigger stomach, avoid horizontally striped clothing. Vertically striped shirt and suits will make you look taller and slimmer. The thin stripes are better than wide ones.
- Black suit with white shirt have a big contrast that draws attention to your stomach. Wear similar hues.
- Always wear a pocket square (handkerchief), this will draw attention to your chest.
- Wear simple light colored shirts or shirts with small pattern.
- Trouser braces instead of belts.

Large man in suit

The short man
- Wear single breasted suits. Double breasted suits make you look smaller.
- Buy suits with narrow lapels, and slim ties.
- The trouser without a break optically makes your legs longer.
- Avoid big patterns. We recommend you to wear shirts with small patterns or vertical stripes.

Short man in suit

The muscular man
- Avoid peak lapel. Don’t wear pocket square. Your chest and shoulders are naturally wide, no need to draw plus attention on them.
- Single breasted suit with two buttons will highlight your body shape.
- Choose subtle patterned suits.
- Doubled pleats can give the seat and front of your trouser extra flexibility without widening them much.
Muscular man