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How to wear a suit jacket with jeans

Type of jacket – If you have only one suits, it’s advised to wear the jacket and trouser together. Wearing a jacket, and taking it to cleaning, may result a faded color comparing to your suit trouser, which you can’t wear together anymore. It’s better to wear a suit jacket that hasn’t got it’s pants.
If it fits you, then wear if not, take it to a tailor. If he can’t make it to fit you, don’t wear it.

Style – look out, outfashioned jacket doesn’t look good in any ways. Only exception if it’s your personal style.
Color – navy or dark blue jacket: you can change the buttons on it, and you’ll have a blazer.
Black - great for going out at the evening.
Tweed is the most popular sports jacket fabric, works well as an individual jacket.

The best jacket is the one, that usually made as a sport jacket.

Tweed jacket with jeans

Type of jeans
Choose a dark colored jean that fits you well but not a skinny type.

Jeans are not a formal wear, keep that in mind, when you dress it up with your stylish suit jacket.

It’s a good outfit, when suit is not expected, and a dress shirt with jeans would be a proper outfit. Int hat case with wering a jacket, you show that you know how to be stylish.

And don’t forget the proper shoes, which could be dark brown or black leather shoes.