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Suit fabrics for seasons

We recommend to choose a light colored, light weight woool fabric for summer.
If you prefer medium weight wool fabric, you can choose half lining, for your suit.
Of course, you can choose cotton or linen too. Cotton will wrinkle a lot, but that just makes 
it more stylish. Linen is a great fabric for summer, it’s lightveight and breathable, it will keep you cool even if your suit is fully lined.

Flannel is a classic winter suit fabrics. It’s a thick and heavy, which keeps you warm while 
you stay stylish.
Courdroy can be a tricky fabric. You should not choose a too fine nor too wide wale. Too fine 
can be mistaken as velvet, too wide can look out of fashioned. Avoid patch pockets.

Transitional months
Tweed is a good choice for spring and transitional months. You can wear a tweed suit or 
sports jacket with a scarf and hat. It will keep you warm and you can leave your overcoat at 
Be sure to choose a modern (or slim) cut to avoid looking old fashioned.