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Spring-summer fabrics

It is starting to get warm again, and a lot of our customers are coming to us asking about summer suits. What makes a suit fit for summer?
You have to consider the fabric’s weight first. Below 260 gm/m2 you can assume that it will be comfortable for warmer weather also. But the weight is not everything, all-wool fabrics don’t have the summer look (except for mohair); we would rather offer our customers linen or cotton.

Cotton is a very versatile fabric. You can have a very nice casual suit made from a beige cotton fabric, and cotton trousers are also make a very nice, easy-to-match summer freetime wear. It undoubtedly creases very easily, but crease on a good quality cotton fabric just adds to its value.

For jackets our ultimate offer is linen. It is very loosely woven to help the ventilation of the torso. We can offer a wider variety of colors and patterns, because what would be too colorful in a wool fabric still works in linen.

In the hottest days it is time to wear the softest and lightest of the shirt fabrics, the voile, which is only see-through in lighter shades.