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Mixing three patterns

ötféle kockás minta, öltöny, ing, zsebkendő, sál, nyakkendő
There are three possibilities when we would like to mix three kinds of fabrics in the same outfit: all three patterns are the same kind, two of them are the same or all of them are different.

In the first case, the scale of the patterns must differ from each other as much as it is possible. It is probably the most difficult of the three, one has to rely on practice and intuition to not make it look forced. A hairstriped shirt with a wide striped suit, and a tie which is somewhere in the middle in proportions could work. Tip: work your way out from the shirt, from small to large.

It is easier if there is one pattern unlike the others. First choose the similar patterns (small checked shirt, windowpane suit for example), then select the third piece accordingly (pocket square with motifs similar in scale as the checks of the suit). Tip: it does good if the different fabric has a color of one or both of the other designs in it.
If all three of them are different the only thing to do is tune the proportions to each other. In this case, you have to make the patterns’ scale resemble the other – the width of the checks and the stripes, and the size of a paisley pattern for example.

In picture: A beautiful assamblage of 3 (5, if we count the pocket square and the scarf) checks.