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Men's dress shoes: colors

Dress shoes are and important staple for those men who wear suits every day. (However every men should have at least one pair of them.)
Qualty dress shoes are not cheap but if you take care of it, you will be able to wear if for years.

When you’re investing in a pair of dress shoes, keep in my that cheap leather and glued 
rubber soles may be cheaper but it will cost more to repair (if it can be repaired).

You don’t have to buy a pair of shoes in every color for your each suit. 
For a navy blue suit you can choose black, brown, red or burgundy shoes. Black shoes fit for business outfits, browns are good for casual office wear and red or burgundy is for free time.
Light and medium gray suits goes well with brown, red or burgundy shoes. Medium grey suits are too light for to be a proper business dress, but with black shoes it is a good out for offices where suits are mandatory but somewhat relaxed.
Medium grey suits with brown and burgundy shoes are advised for more casual wear.
Brown suits can be worn with brown shoes, if the colors of them have a contrast. Red and burgundy shoes go well with brown suits.
Charcoal grey suits should not be paired with brown shoes. Dark browns are close to the suit’s color, light browns are not formal. Pair the charcoal grey suit with simple black shoes for a professional look, or with red/burgundy for a more relaxed look.
Black suits should be paired with black shoes only. Any other color is too casual for a black suits.