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How your shirt should fit?

Ready to wear shirts are made to fit most men. In fact there are a lot of things thta might not fit 
you well, like if the sleeves are long enough the shoulder can be small, or maybe the shoulder 
is fine but the hirt is too lose and if you tuck it in, it makes your stomach look bigger.
So how should a shirt fit?

The right fit:
  • Collar: you shouls be able to slide in two fingers when it buttoned up.
  • Shoulder: the seam should meet at the corner of your shoulder bone.
  • Armholes: should not cause restricted motion.
  • Sleeves: should allow natural motions, neither tight or loose.
  • Sleeves: should end beyond your wristbone, where your palm meets your wrist.
  • Torso: the buttons should not cause radiating wrinkles (too tight) when the buttons are closed, and the shirt should not cause visible billowing (too loose).

There are two kinds of shirts, the regular fit, which is 4-6 centimiters bigger than your body and slim fit which is 2-3 centimiters bigger then your body. It depends on your personal style whether you choose regular or slim fit.