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How to wear a blazer

A Blazer is not a part of a suit. Blazer jackets are made in solid colors, usually navy blue, almost always a dark color. The buttons on the blazer are made of metal.

The blazer jacket should be single breasted with two buttons. Double-breasted blazer aro too formal for jeans. 
Choose a blazer that has a modern cut, a little slim-fit. Since jeans are not formal, your blazer should look less formal too.
Keep the blazer simple both in pattern and fabric. A superfine wool fits for formal events or business. A simple woven wool or a flannel is the good choice.
Avoid twill fabric, the twill has a diagonal ribbing because it’s wave. The jeans has the same weaving the two garments texture will be close but not matching.
The jeans should be close fit int the waist, hips and crotch, loose jeans are not an option.

Avoid cargo pockets and gear loops. Contrast-colored stiching and decorative stiching are a plus.
The color could be darket than the blazer, a deep dark blue with a navy blazer is perfect. 
Unusual dark colors like grey or brown are also an option.
Another color choice for the jeans the colors that are lighter than the blazer. Lighter shades of blue, grays, and more fashion-forward colors like white or red denim give a good contrast. It’s one of the rare outfits where trousers lighter than the jacket is common and is a great choice when looking to dress the outfit down.

You can wear a lightly-patterned dress shirt and leather shoes or a fitted T-shirt and canvas sneakers for that outfit.