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How to iron a shirt properly

If you want to achieve super crisp look, we advise you to iron the inside of the shirt first, then the outside of it.
Always check the shirt’s label to know which setting you should use.

You can achieve the best result if the shirt is moist (not soaking wet). This way you don’t 
have to use steam. If the shirt is already dry, mist them with a spray bottle.

  1. Start with the collar. Pop the collar up and iron the underside of the collar. Flip the shirt asnd iron the outside of the collar. Fold the collar and iron it.
  2. Iron the cuff. Unbutton it and lay it flat. Iron the inside of it, then the outside.
  3. Then iron the front of the shirt. First the side with the buttons. Iron around the buttons, never over them. Then from the shoulder and work your way down the shirt with the iron.
    Repeat on the other side of the shirt. If the shirt has a placket iron it on the inside firts then the outside. 
  4. Iron the back of the shirt. Position one of the sleeve heads into the square edge of the ironing board. That way you can iron the half of the shirt, and you only have to position the other sleeve head on the board and iron the other half.
  5. Last part to be ironed is the sleeve. Flat out the fabric on the board. Be careful, you have to iron two layers of fabric. Be sure that both layers are flat and smooth. Iron it from the shoulder towards the cuff.