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Cycling to work in your suit

Nowadays more and more people choose cycling instead of public transport. 
If you are cycling to work, you don’t have to sit and wait in a traffic jam and it’s also an environment friendly way to get to your destination. 

 Still want to look stylish but afraid of ruining your suit? 
  • Add fenders and a chainguard to your bike. 
  • Clean you bike frequently to avoid any dirt buildup that can rub off on you 
  • Leave home earlier, so you can ride in a normla tempo and you won’t show up to work sweaty
  • When you arrive at your destination, take a minute to catch your breath and clean up 
  • Pack a bit of hair gel and restyle your hair after you take off your helmet 
  • For less tension on the seams of your coat’s back and arm holes—raise the handle bars a few inches above your bike seat 
  • Cover your saddle, to prevent wear-and-tear on the seat of your pants and keep the saddle color from bleeding. 
  • Wear clothes that minimize perspiration and wear an undershirt to minimize the sweat on your shirt 
  • Tuck your tie into your shirt—but keep it over your undershirt to avoid it getting sweaty 
  • If it’s raining, protect yourself with a rain coat or 

 + Tip
Choose a stylish leather cross body bag that macthes with your dress shoes in color.