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Colors in general - the navy and the charcoal

tengerészkék, sötétszürke öltöny különféle kiegészítőkkel

Charcoal and navy are the two most popular colors for those with small wardrobe. 

The charcoal in praised for its flexibility. It can be worn with a dress shirt and a dark tie for business occasions, or with a turtleneck for leisure time. This one shade of grey compliments most men’s complexion, and it can be matched with vast number of other colors. This is the perfect starter suit.

At first, navy was strictly for the weekends and leisure time, matched with white or grey flannel. Slowly, the navy two-piece gained papularity and became accepted as the solution in between formal and informal, and later, it turned into the first true power suit. 
With the navy, there is a slightly smaller margin of error than with the colorless charcoal, but it is still easy to match. It brings out the best from those who don it well.

Picture: The many faces of – quite possibly – the same suits.