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Buying an off the rack suit

Quick tips on off the rack suit alternations.

When you buy an off the rack suit, the most important thing is the shoulder. Everything else 
can be altered, except the shoulders. 
After you’ve purchased your suit, it’s recommended to take it to a tailor for alternation.

Jacket alternations:
If the sleeves are baggy, narrow them. They shouldn't be too tight, but they shouldn't be baggy 
either — slim is the ideal middle-ground.
Most of the times the sleeves can be shortened. While letting your arms hang on your sides, 
your sleeves should end where your hand meets your wrist and a quarter-inch should be 
visible of your shirt sleeve. 
Jackets need to be brought in at the waist, to create that V (shoulder wider than waist).

Pants alternations:
The waist is correct size if you’re able to stick one finger into the waist of your pants while 
wearing them and still feel comfortable.
Have your pants slimmed if they are too wide. Then shorten them to have the break you need.
Correct lenght and brake: the back of the pants should hit the top of your heel and naturally 
break over the top of your shoe.