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Business suit onesie „Suitsy”

Would like to look like a professional in 30 seconds? Then this suit onesie was made for you.

The inventor of „Suitsy” said that he created this clothing to feel like he was wearing pajamas 
to work. He also stated in an interview that he feels more.

The Suitsy is a jacket connected to a shirt connected to pants. A zipper is hidden behind the 
shirt-button placket (with false buttons) and pants zipper. Fake shirt-cuff material extends 
from the end of the jacket sleeves to give the impression of a complete dress shirt worn 

San Francisco real estate developer Jesse Herzog has combined the suit with the onesie to 
launch The Suitsy concept in Betabrand's Think Tank. Naturally, GQ hates it, asking its 
readers, "When did putting on a shirt, jacket, and pants become such a chore?" But the 800-
plus votes (and growing) on Betabrand's crowdfunding platform prove there's a market for 
the zip-up, meaning this could actually be the future of men's fashion. (Especially in Silicon 
Valley.) So in response to GQ: At some point, the suit did become a chore —at least, in our 
neck of the woods— and one-zip comfort may actually bring the suit back to this jeans-and-
tee landscape.