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Basic color strategy

arc, szem és haj színéhez illő árnyalatú szövetek

One of the two main pillars of male fashion is personal color strategy. It is called "personal" for a reason: it hast to be applied to the wearer's main colors, his hair and his face tone, keeping in mind that the clothes always have to act as a frame to the face.

After we identified ourselves as one the facial tones (fair/ruddy/pale/dark) and having a brunet/auburn/grey/blonde/black/red hair, we have two ways to proceed. One "school" says one should echo his natural colors in his clothes, like having a jacket in the exact same shade of the hair color, having little accessories like a handkerchief repeating the ruddiness of one's face or eye color.

The other way is to identify our contrast type. Examples: You are a high contrast, if you have a pale skin and black hair, but medium, if you have a darker skin tone with the same black hair. Also, a man with pale face and grey hair is low contrast, but his face has a certain ruddiness, it becomes medium.

Bot approach is correct, and one can also mix them. If you have striking blue eyes or a distinct, golden yellow hair shade, don't be afraid to choose your accessories accordingly.

Picture: The jacket echoes the skin tone, the contrast of the tie and the jacket matches the contrast of hair and face. The white shirt soothes the whole assemble.