Tailor Made Suits - Italian Tailor vs Chinese Tailor

Price - A suit really made by an Italian Tailor would cost atleast 1500/- Euros. Many sellers lie to thier clients and tell them that its made in Italy but actually get them made in Asia. If a tailor charges you less than 1500/- Euros and tells you that its Made in Italy then be sure that he is lying to you. You can test him - Order your Suit during the Chinese New Year when the tailors in China are on Holidays for 2 weeks. If he is able to deliver duning those two weeks that means he is definately not making it in China.

Quality - Over 70-80% of the Tailor made suits sold worldwide are produced in Asia. 10-20% are produced in other parts of the world and my guess is less than 1% of the Tailor Made suits sold worldwide are produced in Italy.  If the quality was bad then are so many people fools to order from Asia? Prices in Asia are low because the wages are low, Tailors in China  live a much lower quality of life than a tailor in Italy would, which is sad. China is the factory of the whole world - Iphones, Nike Shoes, Expensive TVs..... most of them are made in China. If you wear a suit made in China you don't have to be ashamed. You are buying stuff from where most of the people do.

Fit - A Chinese tailor can't offer you 2-3 fittings unless you are present there. the same applies to a Itailian Tailor. Times have changed and technology has made things easier. Now a days the tailor can see the photographs of the client when he is cutting the suit, and has better knowledge of the shape of the clients torso, in the 90's or before that this was not happening.  Thats why the number of suits sold with 2-3 fittings is much lower than it used to be.  The person you takes your measurements plays a vital role, he can make you look like a clown or a star.  Experience matter!   The understanding between the person who takes the measurements and the person who cuts the suit matter's too. If the person who takes your measurments is experience and has a good understanding with the cutter then your suit could be better than a suit made by a Italian tailor with 3 fittings at a fraction of the price.