Ladies Suits

If its hard for you to find a ready made suit that fits you well then you are at the right place. But if you can find your size easily in ready made suits then honestly it would be better to buy ready made suits.
We specialize in Tailor Made Business Suits for women. Since ladies suits are more complicated to make we charge a addition 100-200/- Euros over our list prices which are meant for men's suits.We have a huge collections of fabrics . They are mostly wool, cotton, linen, wool-cashmere mix. Although wool is what most of our clients prefer. We could make any style you want,  below are some of the very classic styles but if you dont like these then search online and email us the photo and we could make it for you.  Our Ladies Suits range from 600/- up to 2700/- Euros depending on the fabric you choose.

Ladies Pant Suits Tailor Made

Over Size Custom Made Ladies Suit
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