Many people don't know how a suit should fit.
 I hope after seeing the below pictures you will realize how a suit should fit

 These wrinkles around the shoulder should not be there.

 Its too tight around the stomach and the shirt sleeves are too long.

 This is a nice fit. No wrinkles on the front. The length of the sleeve is just perfect.

 Excellent Collar. The tip of the collar finishes right at the Lepel.

 This is what you call a bad Jacket. Too Many Wrinkles.

This wrinkle should not be there

 The right sleeve is shorter than the left sleeves. The shirt cuff of the right sleeve should have been a little long and a little wider to accommodate the watch.

 This Jacket is quite big around his chest. 

 This is a terrible collar.

 This might be a  quite expensive tuxedo, but I don"t think it looks good. I am sure its as comfortable as a Pyjama is.

 This would have looked much better if the button was a bit lower.

 This is two sizes too big.

 The Collar of the Jacket was not made for very sloping shoulders that he has, that's why its  falling low and makes that gap.
 It would be impossible to avoid some wrinkles in his case because he is a skeleton, he does not have much flesh below his shoulders, but if the shouders were made a bit smaller then it would have looked better. 
The Yellow jacket sleeves should have been a centimeter shorter so that the shirt sleeves could be visible. There are several wrinkles on the front of the Jacket. The Lepels of the Blue Jacket are bulging, this would not happen if the Jacket was made a bit bigger around the chest. Also the left sleeve of the Blue Jacket should have been a bit longer. 
The shoulders should have been a bit smaller, and also the chest.

 Here the Sleeve is at least a cm short

This Jacket fits well around the Chest but the sleeves are too Long

Here the Jacket Sleeves should have been a little shorter so that the Shirt Sleeves were slightly visible. This Jacket also appears to be a bit long. The trousers are definitely too long.
Too Long Trousers
This wrinkle around the chest should not be there

The Left Sleeve is bad, its got too many wrinkles. Its because the Arm Hole was not in the right place and the sleeve needs to be rotated a little bit. Those of you who face this problem while buying ready made suits, have no choice but to buy tailor made one because the position of your shoulders is not usual. The right sleeve is how its suppose to fall.

These wrinkles around the Sleeves should not be there.
Here the trouser pockets dont fall well and there are too many wrinkles on the front
There are too many wrinkles on the back.
There are too many wrinkles on the back. The shoulders of the Jacket should have been made more sloping.

 This is almost a perfect fit. Only it should have been a cms bigger around the stomach.
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Some people have sloping shoulders thats why readymade suits dont fit them

The Button is too High and the Jacket is too Short

There are too many wrinkles due to his sloping shoulders. No readymade shirt would fit him!

The Collar is of poor quality thats why it does not stay well

Narrow Trousers -  Good for Fashion parties but not for office

3 Button Jacket - Out of Fashion! 
2 Buttons and 1 Button are in style now.

Windowpane Suits - Only for the slim guys. Don’t wear them to a job interview or a funera

White Collar Shirts- They show you are wealthy, and ready for a challenge.

Signature Collection.
Have your name woven in the fabric. Crazy, but we can do it. 

Linen Suit.
Nothing is cooler than this in Summer

Big Guys
Wear your trousers lower, The Waist needs to be sloping and the Crotch should be smaller. Only tailors can make it

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