Volendor Vector - Graduation - € 525/- with standard lining,   €600/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
"Graduation" represents the debut of Volendo Vector, a brand that cpmpromises nothing less than top quality in both designs and ray materials. This bunch comprises a selection of the very best fabrics which are offered to exclusive tailors around the world.  This collection is created with the finest merino wool and is always the best choice for one who pays attention to style yet not foregoing the qualities of comfort. The high degree of selft-efficacy is marked in each and every "Graduation"
300001-400 Light Blue-Grey with Checks

300003-400 Charcoal Grey with Checks

300005-400 Dark Brown with Checks

300008-400 Light Grey with Stripes

300010-400 Blue with Stripes

300013-400 Dark Blue with Purple Pin Stripes

300017-400 Grey Herringbone

300019-400 Black Herringbone

300022-400 Dark Blue Herringbone

300029-400 Light Blue

300033-400 Light Grey

300042-400 Light Beige
300002-400 Dark Grey with Purple Checks

300004-400 Dark Blue with Checks

300006-400 Dark Grey Prince of Wales

300009-400 Dark Grey with Stripes

300012-400 Dark Grey with Blue Pin Stripes

300016-400 Summer Blue with Stripes

300018-400 Dark Grey Herringbone

300020-400 Summer Blue Herringbone

300024-400 Blue Caviar

300040-400 Dark Blue

300036-400 Charcoal Grey

300043-400 Brown