Vitale Barberis Canonico - Sport Jacket - €600/- with standard lining  €650/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
Viale Barberis Canonico's Sport Jacket Collection comprises of popular hopsack-weave fabrics with a dry, crisp finish. A considerable number of colours are available to stimulate your visual senses. The collection also includes a significant amount of leisure sport jacket patterns, in contempory plaid patterns with bright vibrant decor lines to match with clothing accessories.
223001-700 Light Blue with Blue and Brown Checks

223003-700 Very Dark Brown with Blue Checks

223011-700 Light Grey Herringbone

223013-700 Blue Herringbone

223015-700 Brown Herringbone

223018-700 Salt and Pepper

223078-700 Dark Brown

223025-700 Blue Hopsack

223027-700 Light Grey with Blue Checks

223029-700 Light Brown with Light Grey Checks

223031-700 Blue & Green Checks

223033-700 Grey with Red Checks

223043-800 Blue with Checks

223047-800 Dark Brown with Blue Checks

223051-800 Brown

223054-800 Grey

223058-800 Very Light Brown

223060-800 Brick Red

223069-500 Dark Blue

223074-500 Orange

223002-700 Brown with Blue and Brown Checks

223004-700 Black with Blue Checks

223012-700 Dark Grey Herringbone

223079-700 Dark Blue Herringbone

223017-700 Very Dark Grey Herringbone

223020-700 Bright Light Brown

223023-700 Dark Blue

223026-700 Black Hopsack

223028-700 Blue with Brown Checks

223030-700 Blue with Green Checks

223032-700 Blue with Blue Checks

223041-800 Grey Prince of Wales with Red Checks

223046-800 Grey with Red Checks

223048-800 Dark Blue with Brown Checks

223052-800 Blue

223057-800 Blue

223059-800 Dark Brown

223066-500 Light Blue

223073-500 Green

223075-500 Red