Vitale Barberis Canonico - Winter Classics III - €725/- with standard lining  €800/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
This bunch offers a selection of classic suitings, blazers and trousers to be worn in the colder months without losing any of their distinguished traditional elegance. These fabrics are a selection of all our best selling winter fabrics and they are characterized by a heavier weight and a matt look. this will make the suits particularly elegant as the will fall better due to their heavier weight. Our lovely light weight flannel with some new paler colours is also available in plain for blaizers and trousers. This exciting new range includes a heavier worsted in plain, fancy and pick a pick.
We have also included one of our all time classics: our carded flannel, which is equally nice in plain as it is in fancies for suits and trousers to be worn with sport jackets. Finally we have included our heavy whipcord which is suitable for a sporty trouser or for a light weight covert coat.
2212-01-660 Dark grey with purple stripes

2212-03-660 Grey with stripes

2212-11-580 Light grey

2212-13-580 Charcoal grey

2212-19-580 Black


22212-23-580 Dark blue with stripes

2212-26-580 Dark blue with blue stripes

2212-30-580 Charcoal grey with bold stripes

2212-32-580 Grey with chalk srtipes

 2212-36-580 Light grey-brown, with stripes

2212-44-580 Charcoal grey with stripes

2212-49-580 Grey houndstooth

2212-53-480 Light grey

2212-61-480 Dark brown

2212-77-580 Charcoal grey
2212-05-660 Dark blue with stripes

2212-04-660 Charcoal grey with stripes

2212-12-580 Grey

2212-16-580 Brown

2212-84-580 Dark brown

2212-29-580 Grey with bold stripes

2212-31-580 Navy blue, with bold stripes

2212-35-580 Blue with white stripes

2212-40-580 Grey with stripes

2212-42-580 Light grey with stripes

2212-46-580 Dark blue with stripes

2212-48-580 Dark blue with checks

2212-56-480 Charcoal grey

2212-72-620 Light grey with bold checks

2212-68-620 Grey with stripes