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Vitale Barberis Canonico Greenhills Super 160's, € 1500/-

Vitale Barberis Canonico oversees all stages of production. The company has more than half of century of experience of producing wools in Australia. It owns the Greenhills sheep propperty in the famous fine wool area of Mudgee, Australia, which it purchased in order to understand the intricacies of growing such a unique fibre. This property ic currently producing only 200 kilos of this very precious and rare fibre each year.

Chemical treatement of this wool is strictly limited, giving a fabric taht is a living, breathing product. Those privileged to own it will always derive pleasure from wearing something of exceptional and natural quality.

The Super 160's fabrics has a low-key and elegant patterns, darker hues of blue and grey colors which are shows the wearer's sophistication.

Depending on your screen resolution the fabrics may appear bigger or smaller. We have put a centimeter scale please zoom that to the actual centimeter size then you will be able to see the actual size of the pattern on the fabrics.
Due to different types of monitors and your preferences, the colours may appear a bit different on the screen than the actual colours of the fabric.

2206-01-1880 Dark grey with stripes 2206-02-1880  Dark blue with strsipes
dark gray with stripes suit made ​​to measure
A denim paired with jacket casually elegant clothes.
2206-03-1880 Dark blue herringbone 2206-04-1880 Grey herringbone with stripes
Herringbone is an elegant pattern.
2206-05-1880 Dark grey with blue stripes 2206-07-1880  Dark grey with brick red stripes
Sport jacket is usually made of patterned fabric without suit pants.
2206-08-1880 Dark blue with brick red stripes 2206-09-1880 Dark grey with stripes
On special occasion you must wear a suit.
2206-10-1880 Dark blue with stripes 2206-11-1880 Charcoal grey with blue stripes
The bespoke suit fits you best
Suit is a must have for every man
2206-13-1880 Dark grey with purple stripes 2206-16-1880 Dark  grey with stripes
2206-17-1880 Dark blue with stripes 2206-18-1880 Dark grey with blue
If you have a plain coloured suit you should get a striped one.
For businessmen it's advised to have at least 2-3 suits.
2206-19-1880 Dark blue with light blue stripes 2206-20-1880 Dark grey with pinstripes
2206-21-1880 Dark blue with pinstripes 2206-24-1880 Dark grey with broad pinstripe
Choose the suit style that you like, and our tailors will make it  for your size.
2206-25-1880 Dark blue with broad pinstripes 2206-26-1880 Dark grey herringbone
bespoke tailor suit Budapest
2206-27-1880 Charcoal grey herringbone 2206-29-1880 Blue herringbone
These suit fabric are made from precious fibre in Australia, only 200kilos produced per year.
2206-32-1880 Blue prince of Wales with checks 2206-35-1880 Grey
For semi formal occasions you can wear a blazer.
2206-36-1880 Dark grey 2206-41-1880 Dark blue
Vitale Barberis Canonico Greenhills suiting fabrics
australian Greenhills sheep wool suit fabric from