Reid & Taylor Super 180's and Cashmere, € 2125/-with standard lining  €2200/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
Reid and Taylor has been quietly designing and making fabrics of understated elegance and style in the Scottish Border town of Langholm since 1837. Our rich heritage is the inspiration for collections of luxury fabrics using the world's most precious and exotic fibres. We are distilling more than 150 years of expertise, skill and craftmanship to bring our collections to discerning customers of refinement and style around the world. This truly is 'heritage in the making'.

(250g/m) Super 180's & Cashmere
Made in Scotland
2708-08 Dark grey with stripes

2708-10  Grey with stripes

2708-13 Dark blue with stripes

2708-15 Dark blue with stripes

2708-19 Dark blue with blue stripes

2708-21 Grey with stripes

2708-23 Grey with orange stripes

2708-25  Black with brick red stripes

2708-27 Grey-brown with grey & green stripes

2708-29 Dark blue with stripes

2708-31 Black with light grey & red stripes

2708-33 Dark grey with green & red stripes

2708-36 Dark grey with pinstripes

2708-39 Light grey Prince of Wales with checks

2708-41 Grey with red checks

2708-43 Light grey 

2708-45  Dark blue

2708-48 Black

2708-50 Navy blue
2708-07  Dark blue with blue stripes

2708-09 Dark blue with stripes

2708-12 Dark blue with stripes

 2708-14 Dark grey with grey and red stripes

2708-17 Light grey with purple stripes

2708-20 Black with blue stripes

2708-22 Dark blue with stripes

2708-24 Dark grey with blue srtipes

2708-26 Blue herringbone with stripes

2708-28 Charcoal grey with grey & subtle 
purple stripes

2708-30  Blue with blue stripes

2708-32 Grey with stripes

2708-34 Dark blue with stripes

2708-37 Dark blue with pinstripes

2708-40 Light grey with checks

2708-42 Dark blue with blue checks

2708-44 Dark grey

2708-47 Charcoal grey