Reda Super 130's €725/- with standard lining  €800/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
Selection of fabrics representing the top of the refinement and luxury. A collection created using the finest merino wools, perfect blend of both Reda's creativity and made in Italy style.
a7300-18-660 Dark Grey With Pinstripes

a7300-20-660 Dark Blue With Black Stripes

a7300-24-660 Black With Pinstripes

 7300-26-660 Grey With Narrow Pinstripes

7300-28-660 Dark Blue With Pinstripes

 7300-30-660 Dark Grey Herringbone

7300-32-660 Dark Blue Herringbone

 7300-38-620 Blue Hairstripes

7300-41-660 Grey Chambray

7300-43-660 Light Brown Chambray

7300-46-660 Dark Grey Pinheads

7300-49-660 Light Brown Pinheads

7300-52-620 Dark Grey Sharkskin

7300-63-660 Charcoal Grey
a7300-19-660 Blue With Pinstripes

a7300-23-660 Grey With Pinstripes

a7300-25-660 Blue With Pinstripes

7300-27-660 Black With Narrow Pinstripes 

7300-29-660 Light Grey Herringbone With Subtle Stripes

 7300-33-700 Black Herringbone

7300-40-620 Light Brown Stripes

7300-42-660 Dark Blue Chambray

  7300-44-660 Light Grey Pinheads

7300-47-660 Summerblue Pinheads

7300-50-620 Steel Grey Sharkskin

7300-53-620 Summerblue Sharkskin 

7300-64-660 Black