Reda - Blazer & Sport Coat. €600/- with standard lining  €650/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining


Reda's ESQUIRE Blazer and Sport Coat offers the most stylish jacketing which satisfies both the needs of comfort and elegance. 
Such sophisticated combination of designs and qualities lightens up the wardrobe and is versatile among countless ocassions
710101-680 Light Grey with Blue and Brown Checks

710103-680 Blue with Checks

710105-680 Grey Brown with Checks

710107-680 Dark Blue with Subtle Black Checks

710109-680 Green with Blue Checks

710111-680 Blue with Light Grey and Subtle Blue Checks

710126-680 Summer Blue

710134-560 Grey with Checks

710137-560 Light Grey

710139-560 Black

710144-560 Dark Brown

710147-560 Black Orange

710149-560 Blue Black Houndstooth (Wool+Linen)

710152-560 Summer Blue (Wool+Linen)

710155-560 Dark Brown (Wool+Linen)

710102-680 Grey with Blue Checks

710104-680 Blue with Checks

710106-680 Dark Grey Blue with Subtle Brown Checks

710108-680 Dark Grey with Subtle Blue Black Checks

710110-680 Grey with Light Grey and Subtle Blue Checks

710112-680 Brown with Blue Checks

710128-680 Dark Blue

710135-560 Blue with Checks

710138-560 Dark Grey

710143-560 Light Brown

710145-560 Black-Purple

710148-560 Grey Black Houndstooth (Wool+Linen)

710151-560 Grey (Wool+Linen)

710154-560 Light  Brown (Wool+Linen)