Reda - Baronet - € 825/- with standard lining  €900/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
BARONET is specially designed to satisfy your sartorial pleasure with the most suitable weight and touch to be worn year round.
730101-660 Grey with Checks

730107-660 Light Grey with Checks

730109-660 Dark Grey with Checks

730114-660 Light Grey Prince of Wales

730117-660 Dark Blue Prince of Wales with subtle Blue checks

730119-660 Navy Blue with Pin Stripes

730122-660 Black with Stripes

730124-660 Charcoal Grey Pin Stripes

730126-660 Dark Blue with Pin Stripes

730128-660 Dark Grey Herringbone

730130-660 Dark Blue Herringbone

730140-660 Charcoal Grey Caviar

730146-660 Dark Grey

730161-660 Dark Brown

730102-660 Blue with Checks

730108-660 Grey with Checks

730110-660 Dark Blue with Checks

730116-660 Dark Grey Prince of Wales with Subtle Red checks

730118-660 Dark Grey with Pin Stripes

730121-660 Grey with Stripes

730123-660 Dark Blue with Stripes

730125-660 Black with Pin Stripes

730127-660 Light Grey Herringbone with Stripes

730129-660 Black Herringbone

730138-660 Light Grey Caviar

730141-660 Navy Blue Caviar

730147-660 Blue

730156-660 Charcoal Grey