Reda    € 725/-with standard lining,  €800/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
This selection of fabrics represents the top of the refinement and luxury. A Collection created using the finest merino wools, perfect blend of both Reda's creativity and Made In Italy style.  They weigh 260 G/M and are suitable to be worn throughout the year. 
a720001-560 Dark Grey with Blue Stripes

a720004-560 Dark Grey with Stripes

a720007-560 Dark Grey with Purple Stripes

 a720008-560 Blue with Purple Stripes

a720010-560 Black with Stripes

 720012-560 Dark Grey with Grey Stripes

720014-560 Dark Blue with Grey and Brown Stripes

720017-560 Dark Blue almost Black with Stripes

 720028-560 Dark Grey with Pin Stripes

720032-560 Light Grey with Narrow Pin stripes

720034-560 Blue with Narrow Pin Stripes

 720040-560 Black and Blue Stripes

 720046-560 Grey with Checks

720048-560 Light Grey with Checks

720050-560 Summer Blue with Checks

720060-560 Grey Chambary 

720064-560 Brown Chambary 

720074-480 Dark Grey
a720002-560 Dark Blue with Maroon Stripes

a720005-560  Blue with Stripes

 a720006-560 Very Dark Blue with Stripes

a720009-560 Very Dark Blue with Purple Stripes

a720011-560 Grey with Grey and Brown Stripes

720013-560 Black with Dark Grey Stripes

 720016-560 Grey with Old Fashioned Stripes

720018-560 Dark Blue with Stripes

720029-560 Dark Blue with Pin Stripes

720033-560 Dark Grey with Narrow Pin Stripes

720036-560 Very Dark Blue with Narrow Pin Stripes

720041-560 Grey and Black Stripes

720047-560 Dark Blue with Checks

 720049-560 Dark Grey with Checks

720052-560 Blue Black small checks 

720063-560 Grey Chambary

720072-480 Light Grey

720076-480 Dark Blue