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old-Vitale Barberis Canonico - Sunny Season Classics

When the sun stands a little higher in the sky, nature and also our clothes must respond to the increasing energy of the season. The temperatures demand lightness, the sunlight brings out the best in the worsteds and vibrant fibres, the longer days suggest livelier colours, and without overcoats, designs can be appreciated again. These perennials are the extremely versatile pure wool prunelles. Special proposals for the evening wear complement the seasonal range, fulfilling every wish and stimulating the pleasure of dressing well. Business, travel or leisure: leafing through the different samples is like running through the different scenarious of the masculine world as, as if reading an illustrated book. Or better, a magazine, becuause the entire range is always being updated and enhanced to saty in step with the times. Vitale Barberis Canonico is dedicating this selection to the gentleman who does not only want to wear an outfit, in the knowledge that a suit without its own character cannot reflect the character of the person wearing it. 
Natural, Light Weight and Premium : Cool Wool is the ideal fabric when the temperature is above 30°
a223802-540 Blue With Checks

a223803-540 Brown With Checks 

a223805-540 Grey Blue Big Checks

a223807-540  Grey With Checks

a 223809-540 Grey Prince Of Wales With Checks

a223811-540 Dark Blue Subtle Prince Of Wales With Checks

223813-540 Blue With Blue Checks

223816-540 Black And White Pin Heads 

223818-540 Black And White Hounds Tooth 

223820-540 Light Blue Hounds Tooth 

223822-540 Light Grey With Chalk Stripes 

223824-540 Light Brown With Chalk Stripes 

223826-540 Blue With Stripes 

223828-540 Dark Grey With Stripes

223830-540 Grey With Stripes

223832-540 Blue With Stripes

 223834-540 Dark Grey Chambray

 223836-540 Dark Blue Chambray

 223838-460 Very Light Grey

223840-460 Grey

223842-460 Black

 223845-460 Dark Blue

a223867-560 Blue With Off-White Checks

 a223869-560 Blue With Blue Checks

 223873-560 Dark Blue With Subtle Stripes

223875-560 Blue With Stripes 

 223880-560 Grey With Narrow Pin Stripes

223882-560 Dark Blue Herringbone

a223801-540 Grey With Checks

a223804-540 Brown With White Checks

a223906-540 Red And Brown Big Checks 

 a223808-540 Blue With Checks

 a223810-540 Dark Grey Prince Of Wales With Checks

223812-540 Grey With Pinkish Red Checks

223814-540 Grey With Checks

223817-540 Black And Blue Pin Heads 

223819-540 Black And Blue Hounds Tooth 

223821-540 Purple Hounds Tooth 

223823-540 Blue With Chalk Stripes 

223825-540 Grey With Stripes 

223827-540 Grey With Stripes 

223829-540 Dark Blue With Stripes

223831-540 Dark Grey With Stripes

223833-540 Grey Chambray

 223835-540 Summer Blue Chambray

223837-540 Brown Chambray

223839-460 Light Grey

223841-460 Dark Grey

223844-460 Bright Summer Blue

223866-560 Off-White

223868-560 Grey With Bold Checks

223872-560 Charcoal Grey With Blue Stripes

223874-560 Dark Grey With Stripes

223879-560 Light Grey With Narrow Pin Stripes

223881-560 Dark Blue With Narrow Pin Stripes

223883-560 Black Herringbone