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old Fintes Drago, Jacket, Super 180's, € 700/-

This bunch comprises a selection of the very best fabrics for the most exclusive worldwide bespooke tailors that DRAGO Spa offers in a refined combination of designs and colours. We select the best Superfine Merino wool lots from Australia, which we process through our totally vertical company, to produce 100% Made in Italy fabrics with incomparable levels of quality and refinement.
Made in Italy.
Drago Spa is the official sponsor of "Camera Europea dell’Alta Sartoria".
8004-02-1200 Navyblue

8004-04-1200 Brown

8004-06-1200 Very dark blue, black

8004-08-1200 Dark Brown

8004-12-1200 Brown herringbone

8004-14-1200 Very dark blue herringbone with checks

8004-16-1200 Dark brown herringbone with blue, brown checks

8004-18-1200 Dark brown with blue and light brown checks

8004-23-1200 Original prince of Wales

8004-25-1200 Prince of Wales with brown checks

8004-27-1200 Grey

8004-30-1200 Blue

8004-33-1200 Dark brown

8004-35-1200 Dark grey with chalk stripes

8004-37-1200 Brown with chalk stripes

8004-03-1200 Very dark blue

8004-07-1200 Brown

8004-09-1200 Grey herringbone

8004-13-1200 Dark brown herringbone

8004-15-1200 Brown herringbone with checks

8004-11-1200 Very dark blue herringbone

8004-19-1200 Light blue with beige and green checks

8004-26-1200 Light grey

8004-29-1200 Black


8004-34-1200 Grey with chalk stripes

8004-39-1200 Dark grey with chalk stripes

8004-47-1200 Dark blue with grey and red stripes

8004-40-1200 Dark blue with chalk stripes

8004-48-1200 Brown with beige and blue stripes