Monti Timeless III (Made In Italy) € 200/-
Since 1911 Gruppo Tessile Monti is the Italian excellence in shirting world. Passionate color combinations and weaves are always the main characteristic of our collections.Basing on our tradition of more than 100 years, the wisdom of our historical archives and the incessant evolution of fashion, we create everyday new and trendy designs and structures.

Each style speaks for itself, our style is meant to speak for all of you. We believe in timeless quality of Made in Italy and the value it expresses.For this reason we selected exclusively for you the best fabrics for high level tailoring.
A5292-440 White with Blue Broad Stripes

A5290-440 White with Orange Grey and Blue Stripes

A5295-440 Blue with White and  Pink/Red Stripes

A5317-440 Pink with White Stripes

A5329-440 White with Blue Stripes

A5335-440 White with Blue Stripes

A5343-440 White with Light Blue and Dark Blue Stripes

A5345-440 White with Dark Blue and Purple Stripes

A5349-440 White with Pink Stripes

A5354-440 White with Pink Stripes

A5361-440 Blue with White Stripes

A5373-440 Blue

a6401-400 Blue Green White Yellow Checks

a6402-400 Blue Green White Red Checks

A6403-400 Blue Grey White Checks

A6404-400 Grey Blue White Red Yellow Checks

A6416-400 White Blue and Red Checks

A5293-440 White with Very Dark Grey(Almost Black) Stripes

A5294-440 Blue with White and Blue Stripes

A5315-440 Blue with White and Brown Stripes

A5325-440 White with Blue and Pink Stripes

A5332-440 White with Grey and Blue Stripes

A5339-440 White and Dark Blue Stripes

A5344-440 White with Dark Blue and Red Stripes

A5348-440 White with Blue Stripes

A5352-440 White with Blue Stripes

A5355-440 White with Purple Stripes

A5371-440 White

A5378-440 Purple

A6405-400 Red Green Yellow Checks

A6407-400 Blue Green Checks

A6408 White with Light Blue & Dark Blue Checks

A6413-400 White and Blue Checks

A6417-400 White with Blue and Brown Checks