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Loro Piana - Zelander Dream €1100/-

Under Construction
Zelander Dream - Extremely Light Weight and breathable, made of 100% New Zealand Wool, Zelander Dream is ideal for being made into practical, comfortable suits for day wear and blazers. It is therfore perfect for the man who demands versatility and comfort without giving up style, even during the hottest months. 230 GM/MT
902101-1100 Grey with Dark Grey Checks

902115-1100 Light Blue-Grey with Stripes

902132-1100 Grey Brown with Pin Stripes

902144-Grey Brown Chambay

902102-1100 Blue with Dark Blue Checks
900933-1100 Prince of Wales
902108-1100 Dark Blue and Black Prince of Wales
900734-1100 Light Brown Prince of Wales
900708-1100 Light Brown with Checks
902109-1100 White with Dark Blue and Pink Checks
902110-1100 White with Blue and Green Checks
902111-1100 Beige with Brown and Blue Checks
902121-1100 Dark Blue with Stripes
902122-1100 Grey with Blue Stripes
902123-1100 Dark Blue with Blue Stripes
900930-1100 Steel Grey with Blue Stripes
902129-1100 Grey with Pin Stripes
900720-1100 Black with Pin Stripes
902130-1100 Summer Blue with Pin Stripes
902137-1100 Light Grey with Narrow Pin Stripes
902138-1100 Dark Blue with Narrow Pin Stripes
902146-1100 Summer Blue Chambary
902147-1100 Dark Blue Chambary
902157-1100 Light Grey
902160-1100 Charcoal Grey
902164-1100 Dark Blue
902167-1100 Brown 

902134-1100 Dark Blue with Chalk Stripes