Kerry Knoll Seersucker - Suit € 625/-   with standard lining  €700/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
Seersucker by Kerry Knoll is the ideal fabric for the warm, tropical climates. Its unique puckered patterns provide ample room for ventilation. Its lighter shade brings the summer sun to your weekend gathering and leisure getaways. Together with the lightweight, crispy properties of the fabric, seersucker by Kerry Knoll stands out amoung spring-summer fabrics. Not only is seersucker by Kerry Knoll the ultimate classic for spring and summer, but also its iconic vertical stripes help lengthen the individual's body visually, an auspicious touch for all body shapes alike. Check out this nouveau collection of Seersucker fabrics exclusively prepared by Kerry Knoll and embrace the summer breeze with this celebrated fashion favorite. Kerry Knoll is devoted to providing natural fabrics of highest quality to prestigious bespoke tailors worlwide.

600601-340 Blue and White Checks

600602-340 Blue Black Checks

600603-340 Black and White Checks

600611-340 Light Blue with White Stripes

600614-340 Beige with White Stripes

600617-340 White and Blue Stripes

600625-340 White and Dark Grey Stripes

600630-340 White and Dark Grey Stripes

600634-340 White and Dark Grey Hair Stripes

600612-340 Dark Blue with White Stripes

600616-340 White and Grey Stripes

600618-340 White and Marron Stripes
600627-340 White and Blue Stripes

600631-340 White and Blue Stripes

600635-340 White and Blue Hair Stripes