Kerry Knoll Linen - Summon-III-Jacket
€600/- with standard lining  €650/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
A Linen Jacket is one of the most casual, versatile jackets one can ever own. Linen Jackets can be worn at beach wedding parties to dinner gatherings alike.  Linen fabrics by Kerry Knoll is the ultimate breathable fabric that can be worn under the clear blue skies of the hot sizzling summer, not to mention its breeezy elegance and stylish looks turn heads. Kerry Knoll proudly presents the Linen Collection by Italian Linen weavers. Kerry Knoll is devoted to providing natural fabrics of the highest quality to prestigious bespoke tailors worldwide.
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601701-760 Light grey with Light Blue Checks

601703-760 Dark Blue with Checks

601705-760 Light Grey with Checks

601707-760 Blue with Checks

601709-760 Dark Bluw with Checks

 6007-70-520 Light Blue

 a6007-72-520 Creamish

a6007-74-520 Grey
601702-760 Light Blue with Checks

601704-760 Green with Checks

601706-760 Dark Grey with Checks

601708-760 Blue with Checks

601710-760 Beige with Blue Chec

6007-71-520 Blue

a6007-73-520 Light Grey

a6007-75-520 Green