Kerry Knoll (55%Wool + 45%Linen)  Suit € 725/-  with standard lining  €800/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
This Luxurious blend offers all the benifits of Wool, with the addred breathability of Linen. The wool component helps the fabric stay in shape, it wrinkles slightly more than Pure Wool Suits but much less than Pure Linen Suits, but is far more cooler than Pure Wool Suits. People won't notice this suit isn't the standard wool business suit unless they get up real close or feel the fabric. 

600801-660 Light Grey with Blue Checks

600802-660 Blue with Red/Brown Checks

600803-660 Light Grey with Checks

600804-660 French Blue with Checks

600805-660 Dark Blue with Checks

600806-660 White with Blue and Black Checks

600807-660 Dark Blue with White and Blue Checks

600808-660 White and Blue Checks

600809-660 White and Blood Red Checks

600813-660 Black and White Big Prince of Wales

600814-660 Light Blue Price of Wales

600815-660 Grey Brown Prince of Wales

600817-660 Dark Blue Prince of Wales

600820-560 Light Grey-Blue with Stripes

600822-560 Light Brown With Stripes

600824-560 Light Brown with Stripes

600826 Dark Blue with Pin Stripes

600829-560 Black with Pin Stripes

600831-560 Dark Blue with Stripes

600838-560 Summer Blue

600842-560 Dark Grey

600850-560 Off White

600821-560 Dark Blue with Stripes

600823-560 Steel Grey with Stripes

600825-560 Brown with Stripes

600827-560 Brown with Pin Stripes

600830-560 Light Grey with Stripes

600832-560 Brown with Stripes

600839-560 Dark Blue

600843-560 Blue

600860-560 Maroon