Giorgio Vallino  Necessity III, € 600/-
Necessity III is an all-wool suiting fabric collection comprised of bread and butter designs, including designs of solids, pinstripes, chalk stripes, herringbone and subtle narrow stripes for the young and trendy. It carries weight 275 g/m for use throughout the four seasons and is weaved with all-wool fibers in 18 microns. 
2091-79-400 Grey with Brick Red Checks

 a2091-80-400 Dark Grey with Purple Checks

a2091 01  Dark grey with stripes

 a2091-09-400 Dark grey with blue stripes

a2091-11-400 Blue with blue stripes

a2091-83-400 Charcoal Grey with Chalk Stripes

a209185 Dark Blue with Chalk Stripes

     2091-18-400 Charcoal Grey with Narrow Pin Stripes

a2091-23-400 Black Pin Stripes

a2091-24-400 Dark blue with pinstripes

a209132 Dark Blue with Dark Blue Stripes 

a 2091-33-400 Grey herringbone

a2091-36-400 Dark blue herringbone

a2091-87-400 Brown Herring Bone

 a2091-46-400 Black and blue caviar

a2091-51-400 Charcoal grey chambray

a 2091-55-400 Grey

a2091-57 Charcoal Grey

a2091-38-400 Dark grey prince of Wales with subtle blue checks

a2091-41-400 Grey prince of Wales with brown checks

a2091-02-400 Dark blue with blue stripes

a2091-82-400 Light Grey with Chalk Stripes

a209184 Black with Chalk Stripes

a2091-22-400 Dark Grey Pin Stripes 

a2091-31-400 Black with black stripes 

a209130 Dark Grey with Self Stripes 

a2091-35-400 Black herringbone 

a2091-34-400 Dark Grey Herring Bone 

a2091-44-400 Black and white caviar 

a2091-47-400 Brown and black caviar 

a209152 Black & Blue Chambary

a2091-58-400 Black

a2091-37-400 Grey prince of Wales with subtle blue checks 

a2091-39-400 Blue prince of Wales with subtle checks