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Giorgio Vallino Giacca, Jacket, € 550/-

Giorgio Vallino is pleased to introduce into it's collection for the top level tailoring an elegant selection of fabric jackets.
these collections are produced with the aim of creating fabrics that are the fruit of the highest level of reserch, in harmony with the evolution of fashion and the perfect response to hte requirements of our customers.

Luxury Collezione

Made in Italy

Depending on your screen resolution the fabrics may appear bigger or smaller. We have put a centimeter scale please zoom that to the actual centimeter size then you will be able to see the actual size of the pattern on the fabrics.
Due to different types of monitors and your preferences, the colours may appear a bit different on the screen than the actual colours of the fabric.

1060-02-680 Light brown with checks 1060-04-680 Beige with light green and orange checks
1060-99-680 Beige with brown and blue checks 1060-15-680 Light brown with stripes
1060-18-460 Pink with blue checks 1060-20-640 Black with white checks
1060-24-640 Light brown with blue and brown checks 1060-26-460 Beige with green, brown and blue checks
1060-34-460 Light grey with blue, red and brown checks 1060-37-640 Light brown with orange and pink checks
1060-38-460 Beige, dark green, dark blue, brown 1060-46-640 Beige with blue checks
1060-47-640 Light brown with grey and brown checks 1060-48-640 Light green with brown checks
1060-71-680 Light brown with brown and blue stripes 1060-73-680 Blue with brown stripes
1060-75-680 Blue herringbone 1060-78-640 Light green
1060-79-640 Beige 1060-80-640 Light brown
1060-82-680 Black and light beige houndstooth with red checks 1060-84-680 Beige with light brown and brick brown checks
1060-88-680 Light blue with checks 1060-89-680 Brown with checks
1060-90-680 Light grey with blue and grey checks 1060-91-680 Brown with blue and brick brown checks
1060-92-680 Blue with checks 1060-94-680 Light brown herringbone with checks
1060-95-680 Mix of green and brown with checks 1060-96-680 Blue herringbone with checks