Giorgio Vallino Excel VI, Super 130's, € 625/-with standard lining  €700/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
Ecxel VI is an all-wool fabric collection specially designed to satisfy your saratorial pleasures. Excel V's Italian flavors are long-simmered in the collection since inception, and it's striking solid colors and trendy stripes run through the collection. Such fabrics carry weight 260-265 g/m and are weavedwith fine wool in Super 130's quality.
  5003-01-480 Light  Grey With Checks

  5003-07-480 Grey Blue with Checks

 5002-05-480 Grey Herringbone with Blue Stripes
  5002-08-480 Dark Grey with Subtle Pin Stripes 
 5002-37-480 Grey with Pin Stripes 

5002-39-480 Blue with Pin Stripes 

 5002-56-480 Charcoal Grey Herringbone 

5002-58-480 Dark Blue Herringbone

 5003-41 Charcoal Grey Shark Skin

 5003-02-480 Grey With Check

5003-08-480 Brown with Checks

5002-02-480 Navy Blue Herringbone with Brick Red Stripes

5002-13-480 Grey with Blue Stripes

 5002-38-480 Black with Pin Stripes

5002-55-480 Grey Herringbone

5002-57-480 Black Herringbone

5003-38-480 Light Grey Shark Skin 

 5003-41 Charcoal Grey Shark Skin