Fintes Versatile, Super 130's, € 825/- with standard lining  €900/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
This bunch comprises a selection of the very best fabrics for the most exclusive worldwide bespoke tailors that Fintes offers in a refined combination of designs and colours. We select the best Superfine Merino wool lots from Australia, which we process through our totally vertical company, to produce 100% Made in Italy fabrics with incomparable levels of quality and refinement.
8005-01-700 Light grey with checks 

8005-03-700 Blue with blue checks 

8005-05-700 Charcoal grey with blue checks 

8005-08-700 Brown prince of Wales with blue checks 

8005-10-700 Charcoal grey with red checks 

8005-12-700 Light grey prince of wales with purple checks 

8005-16-700 Dark grey with blue stripes 

8005-18-700 Grey with light blue stripes 

8005-21-700 Grey with stripes 

8005-27-700 Dark grey with pinstripes 

8005-30-700 Dark brown with blue stripes 

8005-34-700 Light grey with stripes 

8005-37-700 Grey with chalkstripes 

8005-39-700 Light grey with chalkstripes 

8005-44-700 Grey with pinstripes 

8005-47-700 Dark blue with pinstripes 

8005-49-700 Cahrcoal grey with pinstripes 

8005-51-700 Grey stripes 

8005-56-700 Charcoal grey herringbone 

8005-62-700 Dark blue herringbone 

8005-71-700 Black and grey chambray 

8005-91-700 Charcoal grey
8005-02-700 Dark grey with grey and blue checks

8005-04-700 Grey prince of Wales with blue checks

8005-06-700 Blue prince of Wales with checks

8005-09-700 Light grey with blue checks

8005-11-700 Dark blue with blue checks

8005-15-700 Grey with stripes

8005-17-700 Dark blue with brown stripes

8005-20-700 Dark blue with blue and grey stripes

8005-22-700 Charcoal grey herringbone with grey and blue stripes

8005-29-700 Dark blue with blue stripes

8005-31-700 Light grey herringbone with purple stripe

8005-36-700 Dark blue with stripes

8005-38-700 Dark blue with chalkstripes

8005-41-700 Dark blue with broad chalkstripes

8005-46-700 Black with pinstripes

8005-48-700 Light grey with pinstripes

8005-50-700 Dark blue with blue stripes

8005-55-700 Very light grey herringbone

8005-57-700 Light grey herringbone

8005-63-700 Dark brown herringbone

8005-72-700 Blue chambray

8005-98-700 Bright beige