Fintes-Drago-Super-160s.  €1025/- with standard lining  €1100/- with  Vitale Barberis Canonico Lining
This bunch comprises a selection of the very best fabrics for the most exclusive worldwide bespoke tailors that DRAGO Spa offers in a refined combination of designs and colours. We select the best Superfine Merino wool lots from Australia and the most luxurious Chinese cashmere fibre, which we process trough our totally vertical company, to produce 100% Made in Italy fabrics with incomparable levels of quality and refinement.  
 8010-01-1000 Grey With Blue Stripes

a8010-03-1000 Dark Blue With Subtle Red Stripes

 8010-05-1000 Grey With Stripes

 8010-07-1000 Light Grey With Stripes

8010-09-1000 Dark Blue With Stripes

 8010-12-1000 Charcoal Grey With Selfstripes

8010-14-1000 Grey With Stripes

8010-19-1000 Blue With Blue Stripes

8010-21-1000 Very Dark Brown With Pinstripes

8010-23-1000 Dark Blue With Pinstripes

8010-27-1000 Dark Blue With Chalk Stripes

8010-33-1000 Grey With Stripes

 8010-36-1000 Charcoal Grey Herringbone

  8010-38-1000 Dark Blue With Herringbone Stripes

8010-45-1000 Black With Selfstripes

 8010-53-1000 Charcoal Grey Herringbone

8010-56-1000 Summerblue Herringbone

8010-60-1000 Dark Brown Herringbone

 a8011-02-1000 Dark Blue With Checks

8011-05-1000 Charcoal Grey Prince Of Wales 
with Subtle Blue Checks

8011-08-1000 Classic Prince Of Wales 
With Subtle Blue Checks

 8011-11-1000 Dark Brown Prince Of Wales 
With Blue Checks

8011-18-1000 Dark Brown Houndstooth

a8011-21-1000 Summerblue Chambray

 8011-34-1000 Very Light Grey

 8011-39-1000 Charcoal Grey

8011-46-1000 Dark Blue

8010-02-1000 Blue With Stripes

 8010-04-1000 Black With Subtle Blue Stripes

8010-06-1000 Very Dark Blue (almost black) With Stripes

8010-08-1000 Dark Grey With Stripes

8010-10-1000 Light Grey With Stripes

8010-13-1000 Dark Ble With Stripes

8010-15-1000 Dark Blue With Blue Stripes

8010-20-1000 Dark Grey With Pinstripes

 8010-22-1000 Summerblue With Pinstripes

8010-24-1000 Black With Pinstripes 

8010-28-1000 Black With Chalk Stripes

8010-35-1000 Grey With Stripes

8010-37-1000 Charcoal Grey With Herringbone Stripes

8010-44-1000 Dark Blue With Selfstripes 

8010-51-1000 Light Grey Herringbone

 8010-55-1000 Black Herringbone

 8010-57-1000 Dark Blue Herringbone

8011-01-1000 Light Grey With Checks

8011-03-1000 Light Grey Prince Of Wales 
With Red Checks

8011-06-1000 Darkblue Prince Of Wales 
With Subtle Blue Checks

8011-10-1000 Summerblue Prince Of Wales 
With Blue Checks

8011-17-1000 Blue Houndstooth

8011-20-1000 Charcoal Grey Chambray

8011-22-1000 Dark Blue Chambray

 8011-36-1000 Grey

 8011-40-1000 Black

a8011-55-1000 Dark Brown